Listig Ontwerpen is a young Dutch creative design bureau located in Vianen, Utrecht. Since July 2013 we have worked enthusiastically on many different design assignments, product, graphic and UX/UI originated. From creating a new logo to an all-inclusive new brand portfolio, from a rough concept to a fully operational self service device. A lot is possible if you choose for Listig Ontwerpen. We tackle each project with our cunning mind set in pursuit of appealing solutions for a competitive price. Every time, over and over again.


 Listig Ontwerpen is founded by Nick List. He graduated in 2013 as ‘Product Designer’ at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. From 2013 onward, Listig Ontwerpen has been working for both national and international companies, helping them to initiate, develop, engineer and realize their ideas and concepts with clever designs.


'' The fox, our trademark ''


We approach each project like a fox. We create cunning, smart, energetic, unconventional and effective solutions with love for shape, branding and image. And just as self confident and with the same perseverance. Is your company in need of such a kind of approach, please contact me. We invite your company to be foxy too. We assure you, you will like our teasing designs. If you want to hear this from our clients, we will arrange this on your request.  Let’s join the hunt, let’s grab your prey (project).



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The first core competence of Listig Ontwerpen is product design. We turn your thoughts and ideas about a new product, application or tool into a visual reality that triggers enthusiasm among all parties as the vivid start point of the process to realization. Through thorough study and joint evaluation we deliver designs that fit. But that is only the start. In the next step we develop 'the chosen one' into a tangible reality, the second mile stone and essential phase in supporting the feeling that ‘we are really going to achieve our goal’.



Listig Ontwerpen is also professional in graphic design. Graphic designs that speak for themselves and that ‘tell the story to be told’. Designs as mini corporate messages and strong brand statements on the square centimeter. Listig Ontwerpen realized many graphical designs projects for different companies. From developing new logos, brand books, branding materials and web looks to complete portfolio's of corporate communication.

The latest service of Listig Ontwerpen is user interface design (UX/UI). Developed through experience and learning by doing, Listig Ontwerpen is able to offer you effective and appealing user interface solutions. Solutions that support functional usability of the highest order, but also simply look good. After all an inviting look and feel of the user interface is crucial for user acceptance. Clean, orderly designs that direct users instead of confuse them. ‘At the first click right at once’ design, so to say. We develop user portals for your processing and information systems than really grab people. Regardless if it is for websites, apps or software, Listig Ontwerpen helps you to ‘open up’ your application and get it to work.



Listig Ontwerpen is your partner for many different kind of design assignments. We challenge your identity, your branding, your 'want to be' through all your communication channels and beyond. Both conventional and  digital. Together we work hard to get the clever and cunning design that fits  perfectly to your vision, your ambition and your products or services. Subsequently we are quite capable to convert this into your daily practice and get it accepted. We know that the story line behind the design is as important as the design itself.


Listig Ontwerpen masters both 2D and 3D design software. Software like Adobe Creative Suite and SolidWorks belong to our arsenal of tools.


Whatever the challenge to get a complete new or a refreshed design, the fox will hunt for the best solution   Just get the fox work for you.







Brederodestraat 34


4132 VP Vianen


+31 (0)6 53 91 99 38