Listig Ontwerpen is a young Dutch creative design bureau operating from Vianen, Utrecht. Since July 2013 we have worked enthusiastically on many different design assignments, both product as graphic originated. From creating a new logo till an all-inclusive new brand policy, from a rough concept till a fully operating product, everything is possible if you choose for Listig. We will tackle every project with our cunning mind set to come up with appealing solutions for a competitive price.


Listig Ontwerpen is founded by Nick List. He graduated in 2013 in ‘Product Design’ at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. From 2013 till today, Listig has been working with both national and international companies helping them to initiate, develop, engineer and realize their ideas and concepts with clever designs.


The fox, our trademark


We use a foxy way of thinking for every project. We create cunning, smart, energetic and practical solutions with love for shape, branding and image. Just as clever and self confident as the fox does. Is your company in need of such kind of approach to attack your ideas, please contact me. In fact we invite your company to be foxy too and become ‘design partner’ of Listig Ontwerpen. We assure you, you will like our teasing designs. If you want to hear this from our clients, we will arrange this on your first request.  Let’s together begin the hunt. Let’s grab your prey.

The first core competence of Listig is product design. We turn your thoughts and ideas about a new product, application or tool into a visual reality that triggers enthusiasm with all parties and is the starting point of the whole realization process. Thorough study and joint evaluation delivers designs that fit. From the alternatives we work on to the get ‘the best design for the job’. Next step we develop it into a tangible reality, the second mile stone and essential phase in getting the feeling that ‘we are really going to fix this’.


Of course are all our designs ‘doable’ in production. Although we like to think and create out of the box, we will operate and deliver inside the box namely your box, your business environment and culture preference. After all designs have to be functional to become reality. We are not into the art business, but do not mind that occasionally our design could be a piece of art.



Equal to product design is Listig a professional in graphic design. Graphic designs that speak for themselves and that ‘tell the story to be told’. Designs as corporate messages in a nutshell and image builders on the square centimeter. Listig was involved in many graphical tasks for different companies. From developing new logos, brand books, branding materials and web looks till complete sets of corporate communication.


Listig had the privilege to be part of the new high risk flight security project of I-SEC International Security in corporation with Schiphol Airport. The project was to create a self-service security kiosk for high risk flight passengers, being considered as the last missing link in a chain of self service devices on the airport that guides a passenger without staff interference from arrival to departure. A specialty of I-SEC. Listig was responsible for all the product and graphical tasks of the project. As a result a elegant kiosk design and an adequate simple user interface to control the self security process, plus all related by-products (brochure, user manual, etc.) were delivered: the full design package.


Other companies that Listig worked for are Procheck International,, Wendy Janssens Accounting, Hema, Westhaven Management, Heineken, Janssens Schilderwerken, C1000, COOP supermarkten, Corrie in Zorg, ICL Group,  &


In its young life Listig has developed a number of new products and new looks of which some are presented on this website. Each with the distinguished features of the company for which it is meant.



Listig Ontwerpen


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4132 VP Vianen

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